Testing Magazines

Testing Magazines can show us new testing techniques and delivery methods.

These allow us to have new insight from an outside perspective in order to focus on process improvement to better reduce overall risk for our projects,  as Test Analysts to think outside the box.

Some testing magazines I read regularly, all links open in new window.

Software Test Professional

Started as Software Test & Performance Magazine it has an informative focus on Development Processes, Testing Techniques & Processes and White Papers available to download.  Focused primarily on how testing interacts with other functions and areas in the SDLC . Has a paid subscription on further areas of  access on Groups for social networking for sharing common ideas and interests for focus areas in testing, Up and coming events focused mainly in the US . Interesting Articles from the latest issue were Tips on Improving Test Coverage & Practical Performance Testing. Back issues are available in Adobe PDF format after subscription.

Testing Experience Magazine

Started in 2008 this magazine offers some great experience in pitfalls for the different phases of test analysis with an ever insightful way to process improvement for Metrics, Testing Techniques, New Automated tools & Test Management to name a few. Articles are written by some of the most senior and published Test Managers & Test Analysts in the software testing community. Back issues available in Adobe PDF format after subscribing.

Agile Record Magazine

Agile Record is a great bi-monthly magazine targeted on the Agile testing and development techniques through case studies and articles by some of the most senior members of the testing community. Articles that are of interest are on Agile Scrum techniques, Lessons learned and the role of QA in an agile environment & The 10 Most Popular Misconceptions of Exploratory Testing all from the current issue. Back Issues are available after subscribing in adobe PDF format.

Professional Tester

Relaunched again in 2010 as a bi-monthly magazine has a focus on informing by using case studies and personal experience as a new format on the old magazine, One of the most interesting articles of this year was on Early Life Cycle Testing (Jan Issue) a great read especially after missing the magazine after a few years. One of the most interesting articles in the current issue was about The Boundary Between Recession and Recovery.  Back issues are available to download in Adobe PDF format.

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