Testing The Tester


I overheard someone quoting this the other day and found that the original quotee was Benjamin Franklin. It was funny at the time as the test carried out was simply running a test case and the expected result was “x” but “y” was persistently occurring. The test was executed multiple times in a different way as an attempt to isolate and to reproduce the issue. After much debate and troubleshooting, it was found to be a query being executed differently.

The tester still managed to keep their cool and remain calm and collected throughout the process only to find multiple ways of executing the same test, albeit getting a different result every time.

I’ve always found testing to be a learning process, like a journey of discovery. It also depends on the function of validating the test results and so many times involves testing the mental sanity of the tester executing a test that repeatedly generates different outcomes. This is what I like to call testing the tester and the tester’s faculties… To me, the main thing is to learn from everything we do even if it may test the limits of our patience as well as challenge the understanding of what we already knew.

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