Quality Assurance: What’s in a name?

Have you ever been asked by non technical folk, So what do you do?

When responding I will give the following context:

As all software testers do, I help assist clients and employers by aiding their in delivery in quality outcomes for their products.

Why do you ask? Because we as testers don’t assure quality, We assist quality through the processes and methodologies implemented to deliver the outcome of a quality product in collaboration with the Development, Business Analysis and Infrastructure teams.

It may be a mindset for me that has evolved over time to honestly get to this point, however when you experience a varying degree of environments and methodologies your perceptions, understanding and definitions change the meaning of the word *Quality* too.

When trying to explain to testers though it gets a little harder to explain due to the amount of terms, definitions and interpretations of those very words.

Why does it become such a minefield?

As when you learn something in its natural environment, It can mean something completely different based on the experience, usage and meaning in that environment.

There also appears to be a stigma associated with not being a QA (Quality Assurance) team member as you then are deemed apart of the team.

In trying to understand most testers reactions aside, When trying to understand how derivatives on stocks work, for example not one person can define, explain or demonstrate to me the meaning the same way.

When something is loaded with so much Jargon, noise and innuendo surrounding its meaning, it basically loses its related meaning as it has lost the very context, purpose and environment it was conceived for.

In reading and pouring through “just books” you will never find the answer, the experiences, methods and processes you use, Whilst reading these books you will find you will define your own contextual perspective that in turn shapes your own meaning to the very words you read.

Your opinion counts, especially when talking to other testers at meet ups and networking events this gives you perspective and a challenge to your own perceived perceptions and helps expand your knowledge, ideas and the community further!


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